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Gaspard, Bulles Sparkling Rose NV

Gaspard, Bulles Sparkling Rose NV

Producer Gaspard
Region Touraine, France
Grape Pineau d’aunis
Farming  Biodynamic
SO2 Minimal

NOTES- “Bulles” means bubbles in French and that’s precisely what you’ll get here: a fruity rosé sparkle of life and red berries! Outstanding aperitive wine, great for all kinds of celebrations while snacking on some nibbles. I recently paired this with a weekend quiche on a Sunday and it was stunning!

Vineyard: Clay and limestone. 80 years old vines, sustainable growing practices.

Making of: the grapes are handpicked and pressed. The first fermentation occurs with natural yeast in tanks. The wine is then filtered and bottled with liqueur de tirage to start the second fermentation in bottles. The wine is disgorged and topped up with more wine, zero sugar added. The total time in the cellar is 36 months.

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