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Mortier, Pollux 2020

Mortier, Pollux 2020

Producer Les Vins Pirouettes
Region Loire Valley, France
Grape Cabernet Franc
Farming  practicing biodynamic
SO2 Minimal



 NOTES- Crunchy, fruity, extremely pleasant red with typical peppery undertones. It’s perfect just slightly chilled on its own, but if you want to really indulge yourself, the winemakers recommend it with duck breast & figs.

Pollux is a star in in the Gemini constellation, with a twin star called Castor. The winemakers chose it as a fitting name for a new cuvée coming from grapes from Bourgueil, the “twin” appellation to Domaine du Mortier’s hometurf of Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil. The retro swimmer also evokes traversing the oceans, as this wine is made with overseas markets in mind.

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