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Surely, Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

Surely, Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

Producer Surely
Region Sonoma, California USA
Grape Sauvignon Blanc
Farming  Biodynamic
SO2 Minimal 


NOTES-Light yellow in the glass with hints of honeycomb and lemon on the nose; a soft, round body with pear and sweet apple completes this lively, refreshing pour. The crisp, lively flavors of fruit and citrus have a refreshing effect. So good it makes us want to grow herbs and garden vegetables for pairing. 

Surely is dedicated to creating sophisticated, stigma-free non-alcoholic wines out of premium Californian vineyards. Their Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc is created and dealcoholized in collaboration with the finest winemakers in the Creek Valley and Russian River Valley regions of Sonoma. The process retains the aromas, flavors, and antioxidants of the original wine. This sauvignon blanc even contains estersa naturally occuring floral aroma created during fermentation. 

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